Registration Dates

For Kindergarten and Grade 1:

it starts from the beginning of the second semester until vacancies filled (according to the Ministry’s circulation).

For other Grades:

it starts from 21\8\1438 AH. until the end of the week 6 on 29\1\1439 AH

Terms of Admission and Registration:

First: There should be available vacancies.
Second: Age requirements should be met (age is annually counted in the beginning of the school year).
Less than 6 years maximum
KG 1 & 2 Not less than: 27\12\1435 AH – 21\10\2014 AD
KG 3 Not less than: 29\3\1434 AH – 21\2\2013 AD
Grade 1 From 29\3\1433 AH – 21\2\2012 AD If the 3 following terms are met, it will be from 30\6\1433 AH – 21\5\2012 AD:
1\ Studying 2 full semesters at kindergarten
2\ Mastering the developmental skills
3\ To be nominated by the class teacher
Grade 7 From 29\12\1427 AH and not more than 13 years old. 1 year to be added for each grade up
Grade 10 From 29\12\1424 AH and not more than 16 years old. 1 year to be added for each grade up

Third: The student should pass the previous grade with at least very good level
Fourth: The students should pass the admission tests (Arabic, Science, Mathematics, WIDA)
Fifth: For intermediate and high school students, behavior and attendance grades should not be less than 100
Sixth: Payment of fees after passing the admission tests Seventh: Submitting the student’s file from the pervious school including all the certificates and documents (medical report, vaccination certificate, copy of family register, birth certificate for Saudi, valid passport and Iqama for non-Saudi, 3 photo copies for KG and Grade 1 male and female students, and 3 photo copies for male students of other grades)

Study Fees

Stage Fees
Kindergarten 25.000
National Stream
Elementary School 26.500
Middle School 28.000
High School 31.500
International Stream
Elementary School 39.500
Middle School 42.000
High School 45.500