Riyadh Virtual School


Riyadh Schools is keen to provide the best possible learning opportunities for all students. We have designed a program called (Riyadh Virtual Schools (RVS) to enable students living overseas to study the National Subjects (Islamic Studies, Arabic and Social Studies) for grades 1-12.
Our courses use learning plans that support individual student’s needs, and comply with the Saudi Ministry of Education guidelines.
In Riyadh Virtual Schools (RVS), students receive immediate feedback on their progress through a learning management systems (LMS).


Riyadh Virtual Schools (RVS) is accredited by AdvanceED, which is an accrediting foundation for private schools inside and outside USA.

The Teachers

Riyadh Schools has selected highly qualified, experienced and professional teachers. They have participated in a range of professional learning related to online teaching and are skilled in giving instant support to students. Riyadh Virtual School has an administrator available to answer queries and provide support through email, SMS, WhatsApp, Skype or Hangout or any other app.

How will the child be supported?

Each parent will have an electronic account on the LMS of Riyadh Schools to follow up their child’s performance and communicate directly with the teachers. They will have an opportunity to see the learning tools of the LMS including email, discussion boards , library. It is important parents provide motivation and guidance as their child moves through the curriculum.

What is the online Flipped Classroom?

Riyadh Virtual Schools (RVS) will provide innovative learning and teaching strategies and methods. One method is the Flipped Classroom, where students watch lectures at home and communicate with peers and teachers via online discussions as they complete the assignment at their own pace.

How will the child be assessed?

Students of the Riyadh Virtual Schools (RVS) participate in virtual classes, homework exercises, complete projects online, write assignments and take online quizzes and finals exams. The Work will be submitted via email or through LMS.

Contact with us by Email: rvs@riyadhschools.edu.sa