The Kindergarten School
The Principal’s Statement

Parents always try to choose the best for their children in all aspects of their lives, especially in education that determines their future choices. From this standpoint, Riyadh Schools has been seeking since its inception to achieve the expectations of parents about the school that teaches their children and in which the children spend a significant and long part of their lives. Riyadh Schools tries to achieve this goal via reaching the highest level of teaching and learning that meets the needs of students and the modern-era requirements, and using technology to provide students with a rich experience. Riyadh Schools also utilizes international expertise in providing the best curricula, programs, and care for its students within the framework of our Islamic, Arab, and national identity. The Kindergarten School is also keen to provide the best care through a highly competent and trained team of educators, and an education environment that incites learning and growth. For example, the Kindergarten School provides a bilingual program, in which Arabic is the language of expressing feelings, emotions and thinking, and is the language of the Holy Quran that students memorize under the supervision of specialized teachers. On the other hand, English is the second language and constitutes 50% of the bilingual program. English is taught through different activities and language functions. Studies have shown that children can learn two languages or more, and that learning a second language has positive impact on developing the mother tongue.
The Kindergarten School adopts California Standards as a benchmark to assess the students’ learning outcomes we are working to achieve. Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is also adopted in our school. We are always interested in linking the children to their culture and society through various activities, such as trips, open days and the multiple experiences that would motivate them to express themselves and their ideas via “the hundred languages of children”.
Despite its long experience, Riyadh Schools is in constant search for the world's most important experiments that have proved effective in teaching and learning in order to develop the educational process in the school. It does this with the support of expertise houses and in parallel with the optimal use of the latest technologies for the benefit of this generation in its present and future.
May God guide our children, grant them success, help them build the future of this country, and protect them and this country from all evils. Indeed, my Lord is All-hearing and Responsive.

Amal bint Abdul-Aziz Al-Essa

Principal of the Kindergarten School

First: Nursery

Nursery and kindergarten extend over an area of more than m² 4,000. The buildings are appropriately equipped to fit the needs of children, and surrounded by gardens and play areas. The nursery is for the children from one month of age up to 3 years, and provides health and education services to meet the needs of children in all areas of growth within an ideal learning environment. The nursery is run by well-trained Saudi staff under the supervision of experts in childhood and kindergarten.

Second: Kindergarten

The Kindergarten provides a bilingual program (Arabic & English) for children from 3-5 years old. This program focuses on comprehensive and integrated learning. It also aims at developing the Arabic Language via a program to memorize the Holy Quran.

Third: KG 3

The KG 3 is for children from 5-6 years old. The KG 3 applies the California Core Standards- which are international integrated teaching and learning standards for students from KG 3 to G 12- in order to prepare the children to G 1 and to help them acquire the adequate skills. The KG 3 also applies the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

The progress of students in English is assessed using WIDA tests to determine their level of English and if they are ready for the educational programs in English.

Some of the Kindergarten Programs:

- A program to memorize the Holy Quran and the “Little Reader” program to develop the language skills of children.
- Use of IT to support the learning of children and enrich their sills.
- Programs to focus on social and leadership skills of children through a variety of activities that link the children to the environment around them.
- Activities to motivate the talent and creativity of children, such as the morning assembly, projects, drama and the kindergarten closing ceremony.

Education System:

The California Core Standards are applied and used as a benchmark to assess the children learning outcomes. We also apply the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). In addition to that, we are keen to link the children to their culture and society through various activities, such as trips and open days.